Sell Your Home or Commercial Property


Selling your house or commercial property is overwhelming in multiple ways. Real estate transactions are one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime. Accordingly, it is essential to work with a knowledgeable and trusted real estate professional like us. There are many factors to consider when selling a home or commercial building and we as realtors offer invaluable insight. Many sellers lose money, time and tangle themselves in litigation headaches when they take it upon themselves to sell their real estate property. Real estate selling transactions are complex; proven realtors like us make a huge difference in how smooth your selling goes.


Market and sell your real estate property for the best price with our innovative and strategic approach. We are on your side from preparing your house for showing, preparing documentation, appraisals, inspections, disclosures, contracts, listing in MLS, digital marketing, showings and closing the sale of your property. Whether your buyer is moving from across the country or across your town, they'll want all the help they can get. And that's just what you get only if your home is listed with us.


Information is power and we, as realtors, have the commercial tools to find market trends not available to unlicensed salespeople. It is our only and daily job to research what's going on with the housing market in your area, to see what homes are selling for in your neighborhood, and how long they're sitting on the market before being sold. Furthermore, we analyze the financial markets to see socioeconomic and political changes that could affect the housing market.


 Is Your Property Priced-to-Sell?

Staging a property to perfection and digitally enhancing pictures of your property certainly get buyers’ attention. But is your property price at the right price to sell?


We see properties with large foot traffic due to their savvy marketing and buyers that feel disappointed when they show up to open houses. We have seen a seller go through multiple realtors, reduce price and still their property remained in the market for a long time.  This is clearly an indication that the seller had a different expectation of what the market was willing to offer. It is a harsh truth for many property owners to accept what the market condition and current yields are when it is time to sell. With home values constantly changing, sellers are still struggling to come to terms that their property may not be worth what they previously thought. Roughly 76 percent of real estate owners believe their property is worth more than the recommended listing price. Many times the property is actually worth what the owner believes is worth due to location - but only if it was in excellent condition.  Many times owners neglect up-keeping the property and buyers are unwilling to undertake major upgrade projects - even at a lower price. We also see sellers feel extremely smart because within a week of their listing they got multiple purchase offers. The reasonable thought in this circumstance is that the property was under-priced to begin with and buyers knew it but the seller was not in tune with the market. Just know that you run the risk of overpricing or underpricing your property when you don’t have all the necessary facts to make the right decision.

Go ahead and be familiar with sites that give you home value estimates as a general idea on pricing when deciding how to sell your house or commercial property. But don't expect it to be what the market is willing to pay for it. The market price could be higher, could be right on target or could be lower. More often than not, there are a lot of factors specific to your real estate property that an algorithm won't pick up on, but an experienced real estate agent like us will.

We have seen properties being completely overpriced and staying on the market for 2 or more years.  Some clients try to sell their property on their own before realizing that the upkeep of the property was a complete loss of their money.  Can you imagine not living on the property and up-keeping the property empty for 12 months or more? It is a big loss for many sellers that take a long time to realize what it takes to do it right. It also creates a “buyer’s mental block” when they see that the property has been on the market longer than it should have and it automatically triggers the thought of  “what is wrong with this property?”

Computer algorithms and sellers overlook the condition of the property, the neighborhood, water table around the yard, condition and slope of yard, age of kitchen and bathrooms, floor condition, structure of the house, type of windows, energy efficiency factors, age of roof, overall property layout, wet basements or rental income.  These are all key factors that have to be taken under consideration when pricing your property for sale.

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