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2. Always Maintain Your Client’s Interest At Heart

Connecting with his clients and sincerely caring for what his client wants is key to success.  As human beings, we all want to feel like we're being heard and understood. Always being sensitive to his clients needs and advocating for the best solution.

4. Always Have A Positive Attitude

A person’s attitude rubs off on everyone around. Having a positive attitude will attract people to you and will make you feel confident and you will soon be surrounded by wonderful people. Diego believes that the key to a positive attitude is learning from your mistakes and failures.  Use that knowledge to always have a positive attitude about everything you do, however menial it may seem. Diego believes that not every task you’re going to do is something you’ll enjoy, but have the attitude that these are stepping blocks towards your next path. Diego surrounds himself with happy and supportive people that express gratitude each day for their many blessings. Diego believes that healthy living starts with a smile and a positive attitude. He celebrates the joy in the small, precious moments shared with family and friends. He is married with 4 children and is a long-time resident of Westport, CT. In his spare time, Diego can be seen around town playing golf, coaching soccer, volunteering or cheering on his children in all of their events.

Diego Raigosa is a licensed real estate broker covering Fairfield County in Connecticut and Florida.  Diego is a skilled and experienced real estate broker. He cares about his clients and works hard to secure the best home fitting all their needs.


After studying computer science in college, Diego worked for a few publicly traded companies as a systems engineer before starting his own business. In the past 20+ years, Diego successfully started and operated several businesses in technology, education and real estate. Clients from all over the United States entrusted their technology to Diego’s IT business. His IT business delivers technology services to fortune 500 and medium size companies. Diego is an expert in rental income producing properties, real estate local markets, and property management. His background extends to real estate developments, construction projects, property management, short sales, foreclosures, buying, selling and leasing of investment and residential properties.


In 2016, Diego decided to retire from his technology business in order to dedicate himself to the real estate buying, selling and leasing business. He finds it very rewarding to find the perfect home for his clients. He wants each client to be very happy and be able to find their dream home filled with love and laughter.


Diego immigrated to Connecticut, USA in 1989. During his teenage years, Diego excelled in sports like soccer, martial arts but above all sports, water polo. Diego was an elite competitive international athlete. He represented Colombia in water polo at international tournaments including a World Cup, a Pan American tournament, and two South American tournaments. Competitive sports led him to focus on goals, train hard, perseverance and to work together as a team to win. Values that he has carried through his professional career.


Diego’s years of experience in real estate investing and running a successful IT business have taught him what he calls his five “keys to success.

1. Have Passion For What You Do

In order to be successful at anything you do, you must truly love what you do. The key ingredient here is to always have passion for what you do and you will never work a single day in your life.

3. Be Up On The Latest Technology

Technology gives you an advantage. People that lose their touch with technology get stuck in the past and no longer become relevant in the present.

5. Have Integrity In Your Daily Living

Integrity means doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances. We shouldn’t need a “business case” to do the right thing. Success will come and go but integrity is forever. Diego believes his business success was built on a reputation of integrity over many years.Yes, we were friends and he was such an iconic thinker. Diego’s greatest legacy is really his personal and business integrity.